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Expert tips, advice and recommendations to help you buy and maintain your perfect fire or fireplace

Advantages of newer gas fires over the older models

Nowadays a very common question asked by customers tends to be “What is the difference between my old existing gas fire and a new one?”. Modern gas fires have come a long way in the past years, with newer features, enhanced control, greater safety and...

How to identify good firewood

How to identify good firewood Homeowners are considering burning wood as it is better in environmental terms as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is nearly the same as that absorbed by the tree during it’s growth. As the wood burning...

Different types of shelves and beams

There are many types of beams and shelves available to go above woodburning and multifuel stoves or gas and electric stoves and fires including wood, concrete, clay, or even glass. -Wooden beams and shelves: With wood you can get many different looks to suit specific...

Common questions regarding wood burning stoves

Buying a stove is much more than just choosing between a contemporary or traditional stove. Here are some of the commonly asked questions with regards to stoves:   What model of stove should be installed with regard to heat output? Output is an important factor...

How to Video’s

Did you know stovax offer a range of videos to assist you in keeping your appliance looking and performing at its best.   Please see the links below which maybe of assistance: