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Choosing the right size stove, 3 tips to help you get it right

It’s hugely important that you select the right stove for the size of room that it’s going to heat. Get it wrong and your room will be either too hot or too cold and undoing an installation can be costly. Choosing the right size stove: 3 tips to get it right 1. How hot should a room be For a relaxing room temperature you want your room to be around 21 degrees centigrade, 2. How much heat do I need When the external air temperature is 0 degrees you will need approximately 1 kw of heat output for every 14 cubic meters or room space. 3. How do I calculate my room size You can measure your heat requirements by measuring the length, width and the height of your room and multiplying the 3 figures together. This will give you the cubic meter area. For example a room measuring 6m long by 4m wide, and with a height of 2.5m is 60 cubic meters of space. Divide this sum by 14 and this means you would require a 4 to 5 kw stove. If you are over 5kw slightly then I would advise in most cases sticking to a 5 kw stove as you usually do not require an air vent. Other considerations This is just a rough guide and factors such as the numbers of outside walls, size of windows, whether they are double glazed and the age of the home etc., can influence the heat required. To find out more about our range of stoves our recommended team of installers, click...

Purchasing heating appliances online, is it wise?

Although the internet is a good source for information and initial research we do not recommend purchasing heating appliances online online. Why you should buy in-store We believe the best way is using your local retailer (The Heating Centre) whether its gas, solid fuel or electric fires. You can get all the knowledge and advice from a store and we can assist with the installation process. Also we can provide after sales support which you may require in the future. For example if you need your fire servicing we can get you in touch with your original installer to do this. Also you can view products in store where as photography online can be misleading and deceptive. A lot of manufacturers enhance the images using lighting and special effects to make the products look better. If you visit and look at the products in store you can get a good idea of what you are buying. Also you might see alternative options which you had not even considered. Final thought We strongly recommended that you undertake full research and speak to us before committing to buying a heating appliance. Some manufacturers do not offer technical advice beyond there statutory responsibilities where we can offer support and answer any questions regarding the...