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Ecodesign and wood burning technology

It’s been nearly 2 years since the EU Energy Related Products directive Ecodesign requirements for solid fuel stoves were put in place,but the majority of UK marketed stoves are still not ready for this change coming in 2022. The Stove Industry Alliance has just launched the Ecodesign Ready scheme to promote the latest generation Ecodesign compliant stoves but what is it about? The main point of the Ecodesign rules for wood burning stoves is to significantly reduce unwanted emissions from burning wood in domestic stove fireboxes, whilst maintaning a good thermal efficiency. By unwanted emissions we mean unburned fuel (Gaseous Hydrocarbons, OGC), Carbon monoxide and microscopic particles of soot and dust, and these emissions lead to poor air quality. This kind of ruling to improve air quality is not going to go away, BREXIT or not, as the UK government has already been found wanting when taken to court about poor air quality in UK cities. In fact, the real downside risk for our industry is that it will happen sooner rather than later.   What can we do about it? For many years it was thought to be very difficult to get wood burning stoves through the UK Defra clean air act exemption process, but today this has become something of a formality for modern clean burning stoves. Ecodesign is now a big step up from Defra exemption and is definitely a challenge even for the best R&D departments in the UK. But it is far from impossible and several EU manufacturers have been doing it for years. Charlton & Jenrick have had their first Ecodesign compliant fireboxes independantly...

Tips on installing a woodburning stove

Installing in a new build: A woodburner can be placed anywhere in the home, but there are a few considerations to take into account, both building regulations and common sense. You need the flue to exit through the roof, but bear in mind that if the location where you are installing in is a single story extension, with bedrooms nearby in the main buildings second story, that building regulations state that you must be at least 2.3 metres between the flue and bedroom windows. It is also advisable that you take the flue up to double story roof height, as then the smoke will not impact on your neighbour, or your own garden. The floor needs to be sufficiently strong to carry the weight of the stove and the chimney, and if it’s a timber floor, bear in mind that your stove needs to be one which can operate on a 12mm hearth, as the floor level heat must not exceed 100 degrees Celsius. If you are installing your stove near a kitchen, in an open plan area, do seek professional advice, as the extractor fan can impact on the stove airflow. It is actually against building regulations to install a stove in a kitchen with an extractor fan. Every stove has a data plate with, amongst other things, its distance to combustibles (DTC) measurement. If you want to put a stove in a glass area (conservatory for example) you need to have a low DTC so make sure you check the level. The Heating Centre in Coventry has a choice of many different stoves ideal for this purpose. Installing in...

Why does smoke enter my room when I refuel?

Why does smoke enter my room when I refuel? This is caused by a back draught bringing smoke back down the flue pipe when the air pressure changes quickly. To prevent this, when opening your firedoor in prepration for refueling, open the air inlets first, then open the door slightly - pause - and then fully open the door. This allows the pressure within the stove to equalise before the door is fully opened. × OUR STOVES TIMELESS CLASSICS Villager Bayswater Villager C Flat Wood Solo & Duo Villager Chelsea Solo & Duo Villager Duo Villager Flatmate & A Flat Wood Villager Puffin & Heron CONTEMPORARY LIVING Aarrow Acorn View 4 & 5 Aarrow Ecoburn Plus Aarrow Ecoburn Plus DEFRA Aarrow Ecoburn Plus Inset Aarrow i Series Aarrow i400 Freestanding Aarrow i600 Slimline Freestanding Arada Farringdon Villager Esprit Solo HARDWORKING HEATING Stratford Ecoboiler Cassette Stratford Ecoboiler HE Stratford Ecoboiler HE Inset Stratford Ecoboiler Wood Villager Boiler Wood Burning Stoves Our Stove Guarantees Buy Genuine Arada Spares Stove Support Stove Manuals Media Login FAQs Careers All Arada stoves are designed, built and tested in the UK to ensure full compliance with CE certification and UK building regulations. Installation should be carried out by a suitably qualified member of a competent person scheme or signed off by local building control. Stated outputs for room heaters are quoted using wood log fuel. © 2017 ARADA all rights reserved...