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Common questions regarding wood burning stoves

Buying a stove is much more than just choosing between a contemporary or traditional stove. Here are some of the commonly asked questions with regards to stoves:   What model of stove should be installed with regard to heat output? Output is an important factor when choosing a woodburning stove, it’s just as important to not overheat the room as to underheat the room. Normally, as a rule of thumb, work out the cubic metre capacity of the room in question and divide by 14. However for the more modern and well-insulated homes it is probably more accurate to divide by 20. It is also best to have a site survey done by a registered professional (Hetas or equivalent) to survey the proposed installation.   Does it really matter what wood I burn? It makes a major difference. Kiln-dried wood (less than 20% moisture) is the best source of wood. A 1Kg log of new wood is around 50-60% water, compared to dried wood, which may be 20% water, but kiln-dried wood is around 15%. The higher the moisture content, the lower the combustion temperature, which leads to more emissions being produced.   Should I replace my old stove? Older stoves are up to 10 times more polluting than modern ones, and cost more to run. There are new standards coming into effect in 2022, which will require manufacturers to ensure that their stoves emit substantially fewer emissions. Many manufacturers are already making changes to meet those Ecodesign standards, including ACR, Stovax, Westfire, Charlton&Jenrick, and many more. You can find a list of Ecodesign stoves on the Stove Industry Alliance...