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Different types of shelves and beams

There are many types of beams and shelves available to go above woodburning and multifuel stoves or gas and electric stoves and fires including wood, concrete, clay, or even glass. -Wooden beams and shelves: With wood you can get many different looks to suit specific rooms and designs. The profile of the wood has multiple variations, from fascia beams and deep beams to hollow beams and different depth shelves. They can also have a different surface texture going from prime to extremely aged, and have multiple colours going from a natural waxed oak to a medium/dark oak or a white wash. There will always be some variation on the wood as it is a natural product, and they can also have corbels to match underneath. The only thing to keep in mind is the required clearances to your fire. - Clay beams: Clay beams are very similar in look to a wooden beam, only that they are made from a mold, thus having no variation on the colour and pattern (For example, all light oak effect clay beams are the same). They are available in a light oak effect or a dark oak effect, and due to not being a combustible they can go closer to a stove or fire than a wooden beam, but still look very natural. -Glass shelves: Glass shelves are another option to have, with different colours available ranging from a clear glass to a darker finish. There are also different shapes such as curved shelves, and like wooden beams they can be made to measure to suit any opening or fire, be it gas,...