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Upgrading your fireplace!

If you already have an open fire, you may be able to simply fit a stove or built in cassette fire into the chimney opening, which will provide much more heat. These kinds of appliances feature a closed, airtight design, which means airflow to the fire can be better controlled. Controlling the airflow allows for the fuel to be far more efficiently burnt, resulting in up to 80% of the heat going into your room, compared to an open fire which loses around 75% of the heat up the chimney. Not only does a high efficiency stove or fire help your back pocket by reducing your heating bills, it is also much better for the environment. If using an existing chimney, the best place to start is by talking to a retailer like The Heating Centre. We can arrange an independant installer to do a site survey , where a qualified installer will be able to inspect your fireplace opening and chimney, checking for blockages or leak and whether or not the chimney needs to be lined . Good retailers will also be able to help you choose your stove or fire and discuss the options available to you. No chimney required! Just because you don’t have a fireplace, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fire.  There are a great many free-standing appliances that don’t even need a chimney breast for installation. These stoves  and fires can simply be vented directly up through the ceiling or, through an external wall using a prefabricated flue system. Pairing your free-standing stove with a beautiful slab hearth can create a contemporary look that also benefits from...

What is a Gas Safe Engineer

Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on gas appliances in United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. Replaced by CORGI, this is now a legal requirement that gas engineers must be qualified to do so; before it is deemed safe for them to inspect the gas work they have carried out. It is important that gas engineers, who fit, fix and service appliances such as boilers, fires; ovens and hobs must be a Gas Safe registered engineer. Otherwise, if they carry on the work, they are breaking the law and could put lives at risk. By visiting or telephoning 0800 408 5500 you can find out or check to see if your engineer is Gas Safe Registered. Before proceeding with any gas work to be carried out in your home, always make sure that you ask for the engineer’s ID. Check the following sides of the engineer’s ID card: The licence number, 2.The start and expiry dates of their registration 3. The work your engineer is registered to do 4. The engineer’s up-to-date qualifications. If you are a resident of the Republic of Ireland, your gas heating appliance must be fitted by a Bord Gais Registered Service Engineer. Details supplied courtesy of Gazco and...

Purchasing heating appliances online, is it wise?

Although the internet is a good source for information and initial research we do not recommend purchasing heating appliances online online. Why you should buy in-store We believe the best way is using your local retailer (The Heating Centre) whether its gas, solid fuel or electric fires. You can get all the knowledge and advice from a store and we can assist with the installation process. Also we can provide after sales support which you may require in the future. For example if you need your fire servicing we can get you in touch with your original installer to do this. Also you can view products in store where as photography online can be misleading and deceptive. A lot of manufacturers enhance the images using lighting and special effects to make the products look better. If you visit and look at the products in store you can get a good idea of what you are buying. Also you might see alternative options which you had not even considered. Final thought We strongly recommended that you undertake full research and speak to us before committing to buying a heating appliance. Some manufacturers do not offer technical advice beyond there statutory responsibilities where we can offer support and answer any questions regarding the...