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Different types of fireplaces

When choosing a fireplace for your property you will find there are many different fireplaces available on the market. Normally they come down to the following:

-Wooden mantel with granite/marble set: This type of fireplace consists of a hearth and backpanel made out of a non-combustible granite or marble, used for gas or electric fires, and a wooden mantel. Depending on the manufacturer the marble can come in many different colours, ranging from dark colours such as black granite to lighter ones such as a polar white. For the wooden mantel there are many different options ranging from solid oak to a painted MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) finish in colours ranging from a darker shade such as black to a lighter shade such as a white.

-Full marble fireplace: As the name implies, this type of fireplace is made out of marble or granite and is suitable for gas or electric fires. These fireplaces also have a wide range of colours and finishes available to choose from, and come in a wide range of designs varying from a traditional look to a more contemporary or modern look.

-Electric fireplace suite: These fireplaces usually come all in one piece and are made out of a wood or MDF material. They are only suitable for electric fires as they are made from a combustible material, and some come with an electric fire bult into the fireplace. The colours and finishes available range from plain colours such as white to more of a patterned finishes such as a sandstone effect.

-Natural stone fireplaces: These particular fireplaces are made out of a natural stone, such as a limestone or a bathstone. They are suitable for gas, electric or solid fuel fires and come in many different designs, with regular openings for inset fires or inglenooks for freestanding stoves or baskets. With natural stone, no two fireplaces will be identical as the natural veining is always different, and fossils can appear in any part of the stone giving each fireplace a unique look.

There are many other options for fireplaces ranging from a victorian cast iron fireplace to having a hearth for the fire to sit on with some slips to go behind the fire. We have many different types of fireplaces on display, from different manufacturers such as Focus fireplaces, GB Mantels, Courts, Montpellier Marble, Natura, Wessex Stone, Aurora Marble, and many more.

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