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Different types of stoves

When it comes to stoves, there are many different options available to choose from. This is depending on what type of stove you want and what sort of chimney you have in the property and where the stove will be installed.

Gas stoves: These stoves can be either natural gas or LPG (bottled gas), and you have a good range of choices depending on the chimney in the property. They can either be conventional flue or balanced flue, with certain models having either options or sometimes both. Depending on the gas stove you pick, you may have an option for a coal effect fuelbed or a log effect fuelbed, however a log effect fuelbed is the more common option.

Solid fuel stoves: These stoves are usually divided into two different types, woodburning (where they are designed only to burn wood, preferably kiln dried) and multi-fuel (designed to burn either wood or smokeless fuels). Depending on the property in question they can either be fitted into class 1 chimneys or, if there isn’t a class 1 chimney, they can be connected to a solid fuel twinwall system if the property can have it. These stoves cannot burn regular black coal, as it contains too much tar which ruins the inside of the stove and voids the warranty. However you do have options on what fuel you can burn.

Electric stoves: These stoves do not require a chimney or a hearth to rest upon, all they need is a regular plug socket to plug into. Depending on the model, they can either come with a coal effect fuelbed or a log effect fuelbed, and the flame effect can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Gas and electric stoves can also have the option of a remote control system to operate them.

All types of stoves can have different colour options depending on the manufacturer and the model, ranging from matt black to ivory enamel or brown enamel.

We have stoves from many different manufacturers, including Stovax, Yeoman, Hunter stoves, Esse, Evonic fires and Flamerite.

Come into our showroom to see over 80 stoves on display over 2 floors.

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