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I want to buy a Boiler Stove, what should I consider

I want to buy a Boiler Stove, what should I consider?

One of the main points to consider is the required output to water to heat the desired rooms/domestic water.

This figure can be measured in either kWs or BTUs (British Thermal Units) and to be made accurately needs to be carried out by an experienced plumber or heating engineer. Many aspects need to be factored into the calculations including…

  • Size of the property and number of rooms.
  • Total number and size of radiators.
  • Size of hot water cylinder if heating hot water (remembering to accommodate for heat loss in the system, usually in excess of 10%).
  • How old the property is with regards to insulation and heat loss.
  • Is the stove going to be used for underfloor heating.
  • What type of fuel is to be used, wood or solid fuel.

For any in depth detail on a central heating installation the client is advised to seek professional advice from a qualified plumber.

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