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My stove is making an unexpected noise…

My stove is making an unexpected noise…

Clicking: The clicking noise made by some stoves is due to the different gauge of metals used in construction expanding and contracting at different rates. It is most often heard when a stove is cooling down from quite a high burn rate. It can continue for some time, and is more commonly heard on smaller stoves.

Whistling: Whistling is a result of the air needed for combustion entering the stove through restricted airways and across sharp or angular edges. It is usually caused by high flue draughts above 20 pa. With a flue draw above 30 pa the whistling (if it occurs) can be quite loud, this can be resolved with the installation of a flue dampener or flue stabiliser. Whistling is also more common on stoves with tertiary air inlets.

Increased flue draught (above 20 pa) can also reduce the overall efficiency of the stove by around 3-4%, and result in a more rapid consumption of fuel together with a decrease in the heat output to the room.

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