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Servicing your gas fire

When you have a gas fire, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding the upkeep of the fire. Occasionally dusting down the trim and fret with a cloth, carefully hoovering dustfrom near the pilot light and the bottom of the gas fire, and having to reposition the coals occasionally.
However, there is one thing that should be done once a year, something that not everybody remembers to do: Get the gas fire serviced by a gas-safe engineer.
There are multiple reasons to get your gas fire serviced by a gas-safe engineer:

It prevents problems with your gas fire: Having a gas fire serviced helps prevent problems such as the fire not lighting, as the gas-safe engineer will check the fire for faulty or non-responsive parts. If there are any parts that need replacing they can be found before they cause more problems.

It keeps your warranty valid: All new gas fires have a warranty, the amount of time the warranty covers varies by manufacturers. All warranties over 12 months are subject to the fire being serviced by a gas-safe engineer once a year. If the fire is not serviced then after it has been installed for over 12 months the warranty ends. All warranties have this condition, and others only cover certain parts or situations. It is a good idea to always check the terms of a manufacturers warranty.

Always make surethe engineer servicing the gas fire is a gas-safe engineer, if there is any doubt get their full name and gas-safe registry number, which you can use to check the gas-safe database and make sure they are registered. This can be checked on the gas-safe website, with their name or gas-safe number.

We can provide contact numbers for a range of independant gas-safe installers, who can quote on servicing a gas fire.

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