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The New Auto blaze system is here. Available now!!!

What is AutoBlaze?

AutoBlaze is an electronic ignition system for wood burning stoves. It’s simple to use – load your dry logs in front of the air jet, close the door, press the remote and the 5-8 minute lighting cycle begins. There is no need for kindling, paper or chemical lighters. As well as being clean and safe, it is also a great solution for ‘cold flue’ or poor draught installations.

With an AutoBlaze system it is possible to light your stove at the press of a button, hassle free.

AutoBlaze is a patented ignition system discreetly mounted to the back of an ESSE 100 SE stove. It will fully establish your fire within five minutes and warm your flue before allowing you to sit back and enjoy the benefits of a natural fire.

Why should I use an AutoBlaze unit?

  • Clean lighting
  • Solve Draught Issues
  • Simple control
  • No fire lighters required
  • No Kindling required
  • Clean Hands!
  • Eco – Friendly

AutoBlaze Features

  • Powerful 2.1 kW heater element for rapid lighting
  • Direction of hot air is backward-facing and therefore safe
  • Automatic vent to close the air supply after the lighting cycle
  • Powerful fan for faster fire growth
  • Short five minute lighting cycle
  • Remote control
  • 13Amp electrical supply

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