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Choosing the right stove

This is about striking a balance between the output of the stove and the physical size needed to create the look you require.

When choosing a stove or wood burner, there are a number things to consider to make sure your selected appliance not only looks great but also does the job.

We’ve prepared a list of considerations designed to help you decide and also to get the most out of your visit to our showroom. We’ve got extensive examples on display and there’s nothing quite like seeing the fires in action. We’ve also included links to a selection of brochures from our recommended manufacturers for you to download and read at your leisure. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our Coventry showroom on 02476 670041.

Key Considerations

How big is your room?

Choosing a stove is as much about look, as it is about heat output, and striking a balance between the two is key to getting your selection right.

What kind of finish would you like?

We can supply black or enamel finished stoves. For enameled stoves we have a variety of swatches for you to choose the right colour for your room.

How much are you likely to use your stove?

Stoves and woodburners are manufactured in either steel or cast iron. Steel heats up and cools down quicker than iron so is perfect if you just want a fire in the evening and are likely to let it go out when you go to bed. Cast iron appliances take longer to heat up but retain heat longer, so are much more suited to long burning fires using wood and/or high performance solid fuels like Homefire coal.

Is your stove or woodburner going to heat just one room or many?

We can supply single woodburners to heat one room, double sided woodburners perfect for centrally located chimneys and stoves with clip around boilers that can heat the radiators in your house as a sole central heating system or to augment your existing systems.

Fuel type

What type of fuel are you going to burn, coal or wood or a combination of both. This is an important consideration as it effects the choice of grate your appliance will have. Wood burns best on a bed of hot ash so is better with a closed grate, where as coal burns best with a flow of air from underneath so requires an open grate. If your burning slow burning coal you will need an appliance that has external riddling, which gives you the facility to shake down the ashes while the fire is still burning.

Do you live in a smoke controlled area?

Some local councils have strict smoke control guidelines in place. If you live in a smoke control area, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have an open fire, you just need to select the right appliance, chimney and fuel.

How much of the fire do you want to see?

Your answer to this question will effect your choice of doors, single or double, clear glass or glass with cast decoration.

What type of chimney do you have?

Don’t worry if you don’t know, a qualified installer will conduct a full site survey before any work is started. If you haven’t got a chimney one can be built for you, if you have a pressure test will be conducted to see if it’s suitable for your chosen appliance. If it’s not a liner can be installed for you or the chimney can be adapted to suit.

Additional information

We’ve selected some additional information for you to download and read offline.

Click below to open PDF’s.

Stovax Woodburning and Multi-fuel Stoves
Stovax Studio Inset & Freestanding Fires

The HETAS website has a wealth of information surrounding solid fuel appliances, installation and guidelines. We’ve selected some of the most useful pages and have included links to them below.

The Heating Centre HETAS

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